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Rare, Out of Print and Used Books - Back
The following is a list of available Rare, Out of Print and Used Books:

  1. 1997 Guide of Newfoundland and Labrador Trade Dollars Medals:
    Peter Kanis

  2. 52 Great Hikes:
    Mary Smyth and Fred Hollingshurst

  3. A Wind Returns:
    Philip Gardner

  4. A Winter's Tale:
    Cassie Brown

  5. Aground on a Grief:
    Winston Ruby

  6. All Aboard:
    Bill Baggs

  7. Angels Crying
    Tom Moore

  8. An Heroine for our Time:
    Ray Guy

  9. And Then The Truth:
    Steve Willar

  10. Arnold's Cove - A Community History:
    Ken A. Tulk

  11. The Art and Science of Fire Investigation
    Jack Fitzgerald

  12. Beneficial Vapors
    Ray Guy

  13. Best Hiking Trails in Western Newfoundland
    Keith Nicol

  14. The Big Score
    Jacquie McNish

  15. Bush Garden:
    Northrop Frye

  16. Butterflies of Oxen Pond Botanic Park

  17. Cane of Skipper Mose:
    David W. Beaumont

  18. Canadian Folklore Perspectives:
    Kenneth S. Goldstein

  19. The Capelin Story 1973 - '1973 Newfoundland Insure Capelin Development Program Final Report.':
    Andrew Duthie

  20. Centennial Newfoundland Railway 1881-1981:

  21. Chocolate Bars & Rubber Boots:
    Doug Letto

  22. The Colony of Unrequited Dreams :
    Wayne Johnston
  23. Convicted:
    Jack Fitzgerald

  24. Danger Tree, The:
    David McFarlane

  25. Decks awash Back Issues

  26. Discover Newfoundland through the Road Map:
    Lloyd Greenham, Catherine Maggs, Editor

  27. Doors Held Ajar
    by Isobel Brown, Peggy Krachun, Nellie Strowbridge

  28. Downhomer Almanac Cookbook 1

  29. East Coast Ceilidh
    John R Zinck

  30. End of the Line, The:
    Clayton D. Cook

  31. In a Far Away Land
  32. Flashes from the Past: Forty-Two Years Covering the News :
    Frank J. Kennedy

  33. Floating Houses:
    Gordon Rodgers

  34. Folklore & Oral History:
    Edited by Neil V. Rosenberg

  35. Folklore Studies in honour of Herbert Halpert:
    Edited by Neil V. Rosenberg and Kenneth S. Goldstein

  36. Forty-Eight Days Adrift:
    Captain Job Barbour

  37. Freshwater - Come Home Year 2002

  38. A Friendly Invasion :
    by John N. Cardoulis

  39. French Family Names of Newfoundland and Labrador:
    Gerald Thomas

  40. Gaffer:
    Kevin Major

  41. Geography of Newfoundland (textbook):
    Summers and Summers

  42. Ghosts Heroes and Oddities:
    Jack Fitzgerald

  43. The Great Northern Peninsula - An Archeological and Geological History

  44. Hard Target
    G. Beahan

  45. Hunting Humans:
    Elliott Leyton

  46. I Choose Canada
    Joey Smallwood

  47. Jack Fitzgerald's Notebook:
    Jack Fitzgerald

  48. Jean Beliveau - My Life in Hockey
    with Chrys Goyens and Allan Turowetz

  49. Journey to the Heart:
    Lou Bruff

  50. The Kelligrews Soiree:
    Al Clouston

  51. Know the Law - Public Legal Information. Association of Newfoundland:
    Linda M. Phillips and Peter G. Ringrose

  52. Labrador Teacher
    Archdeacon Francis Burke

  53. Latitudes of Melt:
    Joan Clark

  54. Last Dance
    Darrin McGrath

  55. Lectures in Canadian Labour and Working-Class History :
    Edited by W.J.C. Cherwinski and Gregory S. Kealey

  56. Lost at Sea Vol. 1: Newfoundland Shipwrecks:
    Robert Parsons

  57. Lost at Sea Vol.2: Newfoundland Shipwrecks:
    Robert Parsons

  58. The Lusitania Disaster
    Thomas A. Bailey, paul B. Ryan

  59. The Mate Just Took A Bearing:
    Frank Saunders

  60. Them Days - Stories of Early Labrador
    June 1986

  61. Legends of a Lost Tribe - Folk Tales of the Beothuk Indians of Newfoundland:
    Paul O'Neill

  62. Legends of Newfoundland and Labrador
    D.W.S. Ryan

  63. Memoirs of a Newfoundland Pioneer in Radio and Television by Oscar G. Hierlihy
    by Oscar G. Hierlihy

  64. The Millenium Book - of Newfoundland and Labrador - Our First Thousand Years
    Cyril F. Poole

  65. More Fighting Newfoundlanders
    Colonel G.W.L. Nicholson

  66. Mose Morgan - A Life in Action
    Cyril F. Poole

  67. Mostly in Rodneys
    Cle Newhook

  68. my left foot
    Christy Brown

  69. Music - Newfoundland and Labrador Studies

  70. National Home Planner, The: Contemporary and Traditional Designs:
    Paul G. Emberley Design

  71. Nature Lovers Journal:
    Nola and Glenn Seabright

  72. Newfoundland's First People - The Maritime Archaic Indians by Florence Cowan

  73. Newfoundland Lifestyle 50th Anniversary:

  74. Newfoundland Nurse:
    Janet Penney Winsor

  75. Newfoundland Stories and Ballads Vol XV:

  76. Newfoundland Stories and Ballads Vol XVII:

  77. Night of the Caribou:
    Douglas How

  78. No Apology From Me:
    Joseph R. Smallwood

  79. No Right of Spring:
    Wallace Bursey

  80. Now that we've burned our boats...:
    Report of the People's Commission on Unemployment

  81. Old Time Songs - 1955:
    Gerald S. Doyle

  82. Once Upon a Mine:
    Wendy Martin

  83. Our Case Premier 's Statement of Policy
    J Wentworth Day

  84. Out of Mind, Out of Sight
    Patricia O'Brien

  85. Over the Side
    J.P. Andrieux

  86. Past in the Present, The:
    A. Brain Peckford

  87. Pathways of Mercy: History of the Sisters of Mercy in Newfoundland 1842-1984:
    Sister M. Willamina Hogan

  88. Pathways Through Yesterday: Historic Tales of Old St. John's:
    Michael P. Murphy

  89. People of the Landwash - George Story :
    edited by Melvin Baker, Helen Peters, Shannon Ryan

  90. The Phoenix :
    A Novella by Gordon Rodgers

  91. Post-Confederation Development in Newfoundland Education 1949 - 1975:
    Ralph L. Andrews, edited by Alice E. Wareham

  92. Potpourri of Old St. John's:
    Fred Adams

  93. Prime Ministers of Newfoundland:
    Michael Harrington

  94. Price Paid for Charley, The :
    Earl B. Pilgrim

  95. Prohibition and St. Pierre:
    J.P. Andrieux

  96. Requiem for a Faith II:
    Percy Janes

  97. Rhymes of the Times:
    Nish Collins

  98. Rouleau's List of Plants:
    Ernest Rouleau

  99. Scruncheons: A Review of Creative Writing in Newfoundland:

  100. Sea Dogs & Skippers:
    Edited by Garry Cranford

  101. Sea Of Slaughter:
    Farley Mowat

  102. Seal Wars:
    Janice Scott Henke

  103. Sealing Steamers:
    John Feltham

  104. Shipwrecks of Newfoundland and Labrador Vol I:
    Frank Galgay and Michael McCarthy

  105. Shrubs of Newfoundland:
    A. Glen Ryan

  106. Slackwater:
    Charles Rendell

  107. Some Newfoundland Butterflies

  108. Victor Butler

  109. Stroke of Champions, The: The St. John's Regatta 1949-1981:
    Jack Fitzgerald

  110. Streets of St. John's - Volume 1:
    Jack A. White

  111. Streets of St. John's - Volume Two:
    Jack A. White

  112. Streets of St. John's - Volume Three:
    Jack A. White

  113. Tales of the Rails Vol III:
    Clayton D. Cook

  114. Ten Steps to the Gallows:
    Jack Fitzgerald

  115. That Far Greater Bay:
    Ray Guy

  116. There's No Better Place Than Here:
    Ralph Matthews

  117. This Marvellous Terrible Place:
    Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott

  118. Titanic Reference Map

  119. Too Many Parties, Too Many Pals:
    Jack Fitzgerald

  120. Tomorrow Will be Sunday:
    Harold Horwood

  121. To Wish Upon A Rainbow:
    Tara Nanayakkara

  122. To You With Affection:
    Joesph R

  123. Tor's Cove Come Home Year:

  124. Tung Tyde:
    Harold Paddock

  125. A Treasury of Newfoundland Humour and Wit
    J.C. Burke

  126. A Treasury of Newfoundland Stories
    Edited by L.W. Janes

  127. Uncertain Refuge:
    Maura Hanrahan

  128. UPNTHRIDGE (Up in the Ridge) :
    Gerald Pelley

  129. Up the Pond: The St. John's Regatta 1816-1949:
    Jack Fitzgerald

  130. Voices from the Classroom:
    Wilfred Martin

  131. Voyages - Canada Heritage Rivers:
    Lynn E. Noel, editor

  132. Vinland Revisited - Vinland Revisited: The Norse World at the Turn of the First Millennium:
    Shannon Lewis-Simpson, editor

  133. Wake of the Schooners:
    Robert Parsons

  134. Westviking - the Ancient Norse in Greeenland & North America :
    Farley Mowat

  135. A Whale for the Killing:
    Farley Mowat

  136. What Became of Corporal Pittman:
    Joy B.Cave

  137. Who's Who & Why in St. John's and Area - Volume 2:
    Ron Pumphrey

  138. Who's Who & Why in St. John's and Area - Volume 3:
    Ron Pumphrey

  139. Who's Who and Why On the "Boot of the Burin" & in St. John's - Vol.5:
    Ron Pumphrey

  140. Who's Who and Why in St. John's Mount Pearl and Conception Bay South Vol.7:
    Ron Pumphrey

  141. Who's Who - Silver Edition:
    Edited by James R. Thoms

  142. Workingmen's St. John's :
    W. J. Chafe

  143. Writing the Everyday:
    Danielle Fuller

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