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The Sipu'ji'j Drummers and Se't A'newey Kina'matino'kuom Choir

MIAWPUKEK - Conne River

Pjilatsi (Welcome). The Mi'kmaq songs and chants contained herein represent a big part of what we are about, as Miawpukek Mi'kmaq. They represent our history, culture, traditions and spiritual beliefs. Moreover, these songs and chants ensure our continued survival and existence as Mi'kmaq. We are a part of a great nation, the Mikamaw Nation, comprising what is known today as Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Eastern Quebec, Prince Edward Island and parts of Maine. Collectively, this area is referred to as Mi'kma'kik which means land for the Mi'kmaq. In Ktaqamkuk (Newfoundland), our relative isolation from the rest of the Mitkmaq Nation leaves us feeling lonely and separated at times. This, coupled with outside influences that served to erode our culture and traditions, makes our struggle for survival a great challenge. In recent years a resurgence of pride and dignity in our history and traditions has resulted in the revival of our language and cultural practices. The songs and chants as performed by the Sipujij Drummers and the Set A'newey Kina'matino'Kuom Choir (St. Anne's School) are a direct result of this resurgence. Today, just as in the past, our resolve to survive as Mi'kmaq is as strong as ever.

This compact disc represents a major accomplishment in preserving and promoting our language, customs and traditions. As Saqamaw of the Miawpukek Mi'kmaq, I would like to thank the Mi'kmaq performers and all those who helped make this product a success. As well, a special thanks to our elders, the composers of the song and chants, and to the rest of our great nation for helping us restore these traditions at Miawpukek.

I am confident that all, Mi'kmaq and non Mi'kmaq, will enjoy this compact disc and in the process gain greater appreciation of who we are as Miawpukek mi'kmaq.

We'lalin' Saqamaw Mise'l Joe (Traditional Chief)


Newfoundland Owned and Operated Distribution Company

The Se't A'newey Kinatmatinotkuom choir consists of an ensemble of MiKmaq youth who are trying to revive their language through music. The group has been in existence since 1993. Through many of the initial group have gone on to pursue post secondary eduction, the remaining youth, ranging in ages from twelve years to 17 years, continue to perform representing the Mi'kmaq nation with pride. Their repertoire consists of a variety of traditional Mi'kmaq songs, chants and dances. Some of these chants are ancient and have great cultural significance. They have been passed on to the choir from spiritual leaders from other Mi'kmaq reserves throughout Canada.

The choir performs at cultural gatherings such as pow wows, spiritual feasts, and festivals through out Atlantic Canada. They have won numerous awards at competitive music festivals in St. 3ohn's and Central Newfoundland. They have proven to be positive role models for aboriginal youth and are regarded with honour by the community members on the Miawpukek Reserve.

The most recent acclaim for this ensemble is the release of their first recording titled, 'tMiawpukek." This CD demonstrates their exuberance and desire to revive a vital part of their culture their language! It was developed with great spirit and promises that their language will be respected and heard, by both aboriginal and non-aboriginal people.

Currently the choir is preparing a program to perform again with the Newfoundland Symphony Youth and the Icelandic choirs. The three choirs performed at LtAnse Aux Meadows this past summer. The joint project will help them come ttfull circle" in their quest to find their place in the universal bond of musical performance.

Chantersi Singers
Teresa Benoit (lead vocal)
Kayla Stride (second lead)
Faye Stride (hand drum/horn raffles)
Severn Jeddore Qikamahn)
Sabrina Jeddore (dancer)
Danielle Jeddore (speeches)


Newfoundland Owned and Operated Distribution Company

The Sipuji'j Drummers

Sipuji'j Drummers was started 4 years ago, afier our first Pow Wow. A group of us got together and started the drumming group along with some young kids. The original group were Tony Drew, Weldon Augustine from Big Cove, New Brunswick, Frank Organ, Harvey Drew, Michael Joe, Casmire Benoit, and Timmy Drew. The group grew and learned the songs and chants of the Mimic Nation, and performed at many gatherings throughout Newfoundland. Many of the original members have moved on, but Sipu'ji'j Drummers exists today in the hearts of all who take pride in our Nation.

The group arose from the need and desire to have our own drumming group for the annual Pow Wow. Today the group performs for gatherings, Pow Wows and special events. The core group consists of Tony Drew, Frank Organ, Rod Jedore and Danny Benoit. On occasion, other members join in for chants, with the core of the group.

The Blessing of the Drum

The first direction is to the East and the Kitpu (Eagle), to give thanks for looking over the children and giving guidance to all people

The second direction is to the South and the Grandmothers to give thanks to the mothers for giving life to the children and the essentials of life.

The Third direction is to the West and the Spirit world, to look for direction and guidance to the spirt world when we cross over.

The fourth direction is to the North and the White Bear, to give thanks for the strength and courage to help us face everyday challenges.


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