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Bellows & Bows: Historic Recordings of Traditional Fiddle & Accordion Music from across Canada 2 CD Set with Booklet Bellows & Bows: Historic Recordings of Traditional Fiddle & Accordion Music from across Canada 2 CD Set with Booklet

Price: CDN$39.95

    • 55 fiddlers and 22 accordion players from every province and region of Canada

    • rare archival and out-of-print tracks, including first known recording of "Red River Jig"; early radio and TV broadcasts

    • 64 tracks featuring tunes played in diverse Canadian styles: Scottish, French, Irish; First Nations, Métis, Inuit; Ukrainian, Norwegian, Polish
Disc 1: Newfoundland and Labrador
1. I'se the B'y – Lillian Collins
2. Mrs. Belle's Cotillion – Mrs. Belle Fennelly
3. Young Man You Kissed Me Daughter – Gerald Quinton
4. O My Pretty Dear, Won’t You Come and Rub Me? – Dorman Ralph
5. French Reel – Ivan White
6. Golden Slippers – Tom Uvloriak
7. Inosiga – Tom and Sybilla Uvloriak

Nova Scotia
8. La John Muise – Muriel Saulnier (née Muise)
9. La Bastringue – Stella Burridge
10. Marion Waltz / Caledonian Jig / Trip to Windsor – Johnny Mooring
11. Cape Blomindon Reel – Jack Greenough
12. Welcome to Your Feet Again / The Bonny Lass of Fisherrow/
The Bird’s Nest – Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald
13. Calum Crùbach (Crippled Malcom) / Alex Currie’s Reel / Am Muileann Dubh
(The Black Snuffmill) / Sandy Duff’s – Alex Currie
14. The Athole Highlanders Farewell to Loch Katrine / A Trip to Mabou Ridge – Theresa MacLellan

Prince Edward Island
15. Princess Reel – Stephen Toole
16. Lad O’Beirne / Dublin Porter – Kenny Chaisson
17. Money Musk – Delphine Arsenault
18. La Marmotteuse – Eddy Arsenault

New Brunswick
19. La tune à grand-père – Éloi Leblanc
20. La parenté – Yvon Babin
21. Loggieville Two-step – Matilda Murdoch
22. Zip Coon – Curtis Hicks
23. Sussex Avenue Fiddlers Two-step – The Sussex Avenue Fiddlers

24. La Ronfleuse – Arthur-Joseph Boulay
25. Reel de Sherbrooke – Les Montagnards Laurentiens
26. Le Brandy des Vaillaincourt – Louis “Pitou” Boudreault
27. Le Quadrille des Lanciers, 1e partie: “La Rencontre des Dames” – Jules Verret
28. La belle époque – Marcel Messervier
29. Tautirut piece – Cariola

30. Ridin’ the Fiddle – Mel Lavigne
31. Tico-tico – Matt de Flori
32. Grand Valley Breakdown – Al Cherny, Clifford “Lucky” Ambeault, and Earl Mitton
33. Buck Fever Rag – Reg Hill and the Melodiers
34. Faded Love – Eleanor and Graham Townsend
35. Three Górale tunes from Podhale, Poland – Franek Mrowca, Józef Podczerwinski, and Józef Ratu³owski

Disc 2:

1. Red River Jig – Frederick Genthon
2. Yak Bu Ne Marusia /Jablushko – Victor Pasowisty
3. Drops of Brandy – Reg Bouvette
4. War Bonnet – Marcel Meilleur
5. Homecoming Waltz – Albert Beaulieu, Lawrence “Teddy Boy” Houle, and Laurence Flett
6. Ridin’ Old Paint and Leadin’ Old Ball – King Ganam
7. Olle’s Waltz – Olaf Sveen
8. Kolomeyka in B-flat – Bill Prokopchuk
9. Schultz’s Polka – The Western Senators

10. Little Mottis Schottische – Henry Levang
11. Growling Old Man and Old Woman – Wilf Laderoute
12. The Reel of Eight – Pete Anderson
13. Wedding March – Metro Radomsky
14. Rubber Dolly – Gaby Haas
15. Curly Hair – Fred Lang and the Calgary Range Riders

British Columbia

16. Cheslatta Lake Rag – Max Sexsmith
17. Woodlake Waltz – Bob Montgomery
18. Barkerville Connection – Frank Lowery
19. Ookpik Waltz – Frankie Rodgers

20. Devil’s Dream – Charlie Peter Charlie
21. St. Anne’s Reel / Angus Campbell – Joe Loutchan and Peter Dawson
22. Eight Couple – Ben Charlie

Northwest Territories
23. Devil’s Reel– Johnny Beaulieu
24. Crooked Stovepipe – Angus Beaulieu
25. Amazing Grace – Kole Crook

26. Tune for square dancing – Kudloo Pitsiulak
27. Ilavaliak – Niviaqsiaq Nowdlak
28. Liverpool Hornpipe – Andrew Ataguttaaluk
29. Iqsaakik / Sialaanqujaqsiut – Simeonie Keenainak
30. Beluga Waters – Colin Adju

• musician biographies, lovely archival photos, detailed maps, tune historIes and analyses
• extended essay on the social history of fiddle and accordion in Canada, including information on contests, festivals, tune composition and music–dance relationships

Dr. Sherry Johnson of York University and her team of regional experts have compiled historically significant tracks from archival and personal collections, as well as early commercial recordings no longer in circulation. The 64 tracks on this CD set demonstrate the artistry and social complexity of a number of accordion and fiddle communities and add nuance to the historical representations of these evolving traditions.

Excerpt from opening essay: "Fiddle and accordion have long thrived in Canada—among early settlers who introduced them to the continent, in Inuit, Métis and First Nations societies that made them their own, and in more recent immigrant communities. Fiddle and accordion music have served, at times, as common "languages" binding the nation's diverse populations; more often, however, subtleties of style and approach have been used to mark distinct identities. Differences may be ethnocultural (as in the tempo differences of Scottish-derived and Acadian fiddle music in Maritime Canada) or class-related (as in the debates about the merits of competitions). Fiddle and accordion traditions in Canada have often been represented by the media, show promoters, and even by the musicians themselves either as a kind of nostalgic 'barn dance' tradition (stereotyped as rural, uneducated and slightly rough), or else as a virtuosic 'show' tradition (in recordings produced by award winners of the dozens of fiddle competitions that take place annually across the nation)."

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