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Violence and Public Anxiety Violence and Public Anxiety
Elliott Leyton, William O'Grady and James Overton

Price: CDN$44.95
Elliott Leyton, the widely-published author of Hunting Humans (1986), and Sole Survivor(1990), received his Ph.D from the University of Toronto in 1972. In 1967 he joined the faculty of memorial University of Newfoundland where he is professor of Anthropology.

William O'Grady was a Research Associate Fellow at the Institute of Social and Economic Research at Memorial University of Newfoundland 1984 to 1986. He is presently an ISER Doctoral Fellow while he completes his Ph.D in Sociology at the University of Toronto.

James Overton holds a Ph.D in Historical Geography from the University of Western Ontario. He is currently Associate Professor of Sociology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Dr. Overton is also the author of Making a World of Difference: Essays on Tourism, Culture and Development(ISER 1992).

"...times are changing and violence is on the increase everywhere. I've been a police officer for 26 years and I won't get out of my car for a coffee without it [gun]."

President of the Canadian Policies Association The Evening Telegram, December 1991

"This is an extremely competent piece of work - well researched and scholarly...the material presented there certainly needs to be published... indeed, much of what the authors achieve, especially in squaring off people's feelings about escalating violence against...statistical reality, I didn't think could be achieved."

Dr. David Riches University of St. Andrew's, Scotland

From the United States to Britain to Canada, from New York to Toronto to St. John's, Newfoundland, there is a perception that crime and violence are increasing and that the character of the violence is changing in disturbing ways. These findings are supported in research by government, the police, and community interest groups. The media reinforce this perception with unsettling immediacy and vividness. Consequently, the fear of crime itself has become a serious social concern.
The "Canadian Case" of Violence and Public Anxiety is the eastern-most province of Newfoundland, long-regarded as one of the country's most peaceful and law abiding regions- but that perception is changing dramatically among Newfoundlanders themselves.
Authors Elliott Leyton, William O'Grady and James Overton focus on the Newfoundland experience to examine how public perception of crime and violence in society is formed. Leyton reviews the influence of the media; O'Grady looks at the role of official crime statistics; and Overton discusses how assumptions about the past can destroy the present.


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Nigel Rapport

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Edited by Robert Paine

Studies in the Logic of Official Interpretation
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Essays on Tourism, Culture and Development
James Overton

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