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Survivors and Lost Heroes
The Sea from Cape Race to Cape Ray
by Robert Parsons

Survivors and Lost Heroes by Robert Parsons

ISBN 978-0-9781114-1-0
316 pages, b&w illustrations

In like new condition except, Robert Parsons has signed it saying "Regards Robert Parsons Oct. 19, 2007"

Price: CDN$22.95


Book Description
Survivors and Lost Heroes: The Sea from Cape Race to Cape Ray" by Robert C. Parsons

Table of Contents

1. A Story of Tragedy - locale Otter’s Point
2. Lost Seamen: Their Names Were Never Recorded – Garia, Garia Bay
3. Renconter’s Strange Tale of the Codseeker - Renconter East
4. Ships and Murder - Rose Blanche
5. A Dot on the Map - St. Pierre
6. Oderin and the August Gales
7. The Wrecked Texas and the Gale of June, 1894 - Little Harbour West, Placentia Bay
8. From Lawn to St. Pierre: A Story of the Sea
9. Trying Time for a Grand Bank Captain
10.Crew of Twenty-Five Reach - St. Bride’s
11.A Pitiful Tale of Hardship and Privation - Garnish, Burin
12.Mute Evidence of Tragedy off at Cape Ray
13.The Rock Called Nancy Cann - St. Mary's Bay
14.H.M.S. Viknor and Arnold’s Cove
15.Overdue – Fortune
16.Ship Sunk, Crew Robbed – Burin
17.A St. Shotts Tragedy
18.Mystery of the Deep at Fox Roost
19.Defender – Crack Gloucesterman - Channel-Port aux Basques
20.Two Burgeo Ships
21.Unreported for Ninety Days – Gaultois
22.Hunger at Pass Island
23.The Come by Chance End of the Pleiades
24.A Tale of Endurance – Sagona and Red Cove
25.The Cold Hard Facts of Fire at Sea – Boxey
26.Wreck Scenes at Lamaline
27.Oporto, 1928, Age 14 – Fortune
28.The Blinds Were Drawn – Little St. Lawrence
29.Trials of the Rum Runner Whichone - St. Lawrence
30.Smuggling - Burin Peninsula
31.Bound for St. Pierre – and a Missing Schooner – Lories and St. Pierre
32.Fortune Seamen, Safe but Destitute in Big Brook
33.Safe in St. Joseph’s, St. Mary’s Bay
34.Survivors of the Wreck of St. Pierraise – Boat Harbour and St. Pierre
35.When a Ship Goes Down – Fortune and Little Bay East
36.How To Survive an August Gale – Trepassey and Creston North
37.Alone at Twelve - English Harbour West
38.Belleoram Seamen: A Battle with the Sea
39.The Last Christmas Dinner on Dazzle - Port Royal
40.James and Stanley: The Garnish Connection
41.Shipwreck at Blue Beach - St. Lawrence
42.Fiery End for James U. Thomas – Pushthrough
42.Hard Luck Ship - Port aux Basques
43.How We Got the News of Marshall Frank – Boxey and Coomb's Cove
44.Hard Times for Burin Peninsula Vessels
45.Howard Cecil: A Wreck off Lamaline - Tack's Beach
46.The Dredge Fundy - Lord's Cove
47.“How We Built the Alberto Wareham” - Creston North
48.Lost on Nova Scotia’s Shores – Burin
49.Sheila Patricia - Hare Harbour and Belleoram
50.Bertha Joyce on the Cliffs of St. Shotts - Spencer's Cove
51.Iceland’s Last Trip - Little Bay East
52.Tale of Two Ships - Tack's Beach
53.Missing Ships, Large and Small – Ramea and Spanish Room
54.Sabotage: East Star in an International Incident - St. Joseph's, Placentia Bay
55.One of the Last of the Splinter Fleet - Mall Bay and St. Alban's
56.The Spirit of Samoset - Baine Harbour and Brookside Appendix A and B Index of People, Towns and Ships

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