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Remembering the Years of My Life: Journeys of a Labrador Inuit Hunter

Recounted by Paulus Maggo, Edited by Carol Brice-Bennett

Price: CDN$29.95

Book Description
Paulus Maggo, a highly respected Inuit elder resides in Nain on the Northern Labrador Coast. At the age of eighty-three, he began narrating his experiences, from a child riding on his father's kayak to a senior citizen watching TV programs, beamed by satellite to the community. His reflections provide rare insight on the Inuit lifestyle, social relationships, and influences causing change in Aboriginal society during the twentieth century. Remembering the Years of My Life is the story of a man with compelling dignity and wisdom and is a testament to Inuit integrity, co-operation, and self-governance that existed prior to the union of Newfoundland and Labrador with Canada in 1949. An authoritative introduction traces the genealogies of Paulus Maggo and his late wife, Naeme, to the eighteenth century and places his life history in the broader context of Labrador history.

''Remembering the Years of My Life allows you to be entertained and informed in the Inuit way, to see the world Paulus Maggo lived in and learn from his lessons. 'I envy those who can go off hunting,' he says at the end of his stories, at the end of his life, 'as I can only travel now in my mind.' Whether you are Inuit or not, you may find yourself travelling in your own mind over the landscape of this extraordinary life, humbled in his company.'' Peter Evans, atlantic books today, no. 28, Spring 2000, p. 11.

About the Author

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