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Pursuing Equality Pursuing Equality
Linda Kealey (ed.)

Price: CDN$38.95
Margot Iris Dueley is head of the Department of History and Philosophy of Eastern Michigan University. Linda Cullum is a Ph.D. candidate at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education in Toronto. Moeve Baird is a lawyer practising in St. John's, Newfoundland. Sharon Gray Pope is a journalist and has been involved with the women's movement in Newfoundland and Labrador since the early 1970s. Jane Burnham is currently studying law at the University of New Brunswick. Previously, she worked as a consultant in St. John's. Linka Keoley teaches history and women's studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland.
"It is just as important to convince the public that woman are angry as it is to convince them that woman are right."

Armine Gosling defending suffrogettes

"You were born to work and tend to the men and you lived with it work was your story and, so you bit you lip, tied your shoelaces got on with it..

A Stephenville Womon, born in 1898, mother of ten children

"We all felt in 1975 that by 1985 the world would belong to women."

Lillian Bouzanne, founder of the first Status of Women Council in Newfoundland

This collection of essays "breaks the silence" of the political and legal history of woman in Newfoundland and Labrador during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Other books on Canadian women's history have concentrated on middle-class women in central Canada and largely ignored women's history in the Atlantic provinces. This book begins to close the gap with essays on the Newfoundland women's suffrage movement; women and the law, and the modern women's movement. The first essay reveals the involvement of Newoundland suffragettes in the international suffrage movement as well as the roles played in the local movement by outport women, Catholic and Protestant women and those married to welthy businessmen. The laws governing women's lives from birth to death are detailed in the second essay with documents, newspaper accounts and case records. Property rights and laws baring women from practising medicine and low are also examined. The final essay looks at the history of the recent women's movement often referred to as the "second wave". It points out the differences between the earlier groups with concentrated more on the individual woman and the later organizations' concern with women's roles in contempar society. The descriptions and photos of the women and their bid for equality make informative reading for both acedemic historians as well as the general public.
Cecilia Benoit
MIDWIVES IN PASSAGE: The Modernisation of Materity Care

Jane Nadel-Klin and Dona Lee Davis (eds.)
TO WORK AND TO WEEP: Women in Fishing Econmies

Dona Lee David
BLOOD AND NERVES: An Ethnographic Focus on Menopause

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