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Early Settlers of Bay St. George
The Inner Bay
Volume 1, Fifth Edition (Revised)
by Kirk R. Butt

Early Settlers of Bay St. George Vol 1 by Kirk R. Butt Paperback 488 pages (+ 10 page introduction)
7.5” x 10”
Publication Date: 2013
black and white photos,
illustrations and maps
ISBN: 978-0-9738910-7-2

Price: CDN$39.95


Book Description
The 5th edition has several new families added and lots of new pictures.

The First Volume in the two volume series Early Settlers of Bay St. George presents a history of the exploration and early settlement of Bay St. George, Newfoundland. The first volume profiles pioneer families of European and Mi’kmaq descent who established communities in the inner bay along the stretch of shoreline from Fischells to Kippens. The Fifth Edition has been revised to present additional information or research findings relative to the early exploration and settlement of Bay St. George's inner bay. Information has been added to most of the families profiled earlier in the fourth edition. A number of new photographs and illustrations were selected for inclusion in the third edition.

See Also - Volume 2 - Early Settlers of Bay St. George

About the Author

The author, Kirk R. Butt, was born and raised in Robinsons, Bay St. George. Following his graduation from E.A. Butler Memorial High School in 1972, he attended Memorial University of Newfoundland and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Education degree in 1977. He completed a Master of Education degree from the University of Windsor in 1986. Kirk resides in Whitby, Ontario and is a teacher with the Durham District School Board.

                Maps   x 

           1   Early and Vanishing Peoples  1 

            2   Early Ventures to the New Founde Land  4    

           3   Early Fishermen and Explorers of Newfoundland’s West Coast  9               

          4   Early Settlers of Newfoundland’s East and South Coasts   19

           5   The West Coast Becomes Part of the French Treaty Shore   31 

            6   Mi’kmaq Legacy and Early Settlement in Bay St. George    38  

            7   European Settlement Takes Hold in Bay St. George’s Inner Bay    95 

          8    Early Settler Families of Barachois Brook    106 

                   The Dennis Family    106  

         9  Early Settler Families of Stephenville Crossing (before 1820)  121 

                        The L’Official Family    121

                         The Benoit/Bennett Family    130  

                          Other Benoit/Bennett Families of Bay St. George    139    

                          The Camus/Cammie Family    139  

           10   Commander Thomas White’s Census of 1808    144 

                          The Huelin/Hulan Family in 1808    147 

                          The Dennis Family in 1808    150

                          The L’Official Family in 1808    151  

           11   The Early History of Sandy Point  153              

           12   Early Settler Families of Sandy Point    167 


                          The Messervey Family    167                                                  

                         The Pennell Family    170                                                  

                         The Venson/Vincent Family    173                                                

                         Other Vincent Families of Bay St. George    181                                                     

                         The Renouf Family    182                                                 

                          Other Early Renouf Families of Early Bay St. George   185                                                     

                         The Swyer/Swyers Family    186                                                     

                          The Haynes/Hynes Family    189                                                   

                         The Dennis Family    191                                                           

                         The Parsons Families    192                                                    


  1. William Epps Cormack Visits the Inner Bay  198
  1. New Arrivals Flock to the Inner Bay    203

          15  The Legacy of Little Bras d’Or    211  

                          Early LeJeune/Young Family Arrivals on the West Coast    212

                        Early Jesseaume/Jesso Family Arrivals on the West Coast     234

                         Early Marche/March Family Arrivals on the West Coast     236 

           16  The 1838 List of Inhabitants – The Inner Bay    241   

           17  Early Settler Families of St. George’s (after 1830)    253


                          The Jesseaume/Jesso Family    256  

                         The Alexandre/Alexander and Benoit/Bennett Families    257

                         The Sheppard Family    261

                          The Blanchard Family    262

                          The Quick Family    264   

                          The Morris Family    265

                        The Medore/Madore Family    266

                          The Delaney, LeBlanc/White, Aucoin/O’Quinn, and

                          Colombe Families    273

                          The Morel Family    277

                         The Butt, Cutler, and Falle Families    278                                   


           18   Early Settler Families of Flat Bay   283


                        The Perrier Family    284

                         The Webb Family    285

                         The LeBlanc/White and Longuepee Families   287   

                         The Benoit/Bennett Family    288 

           19   Early Settler Families of St. Teresa, Journois, and Middle Brook 296


                         The King Family   296

                        The LeJeune/Young, Long, and McDonald Families   297

                         The DuHarde/Duhart Family   303 

                        The Cormier Family   304 

           20   Early Settler Families of Fischells   305     


                          The LeJeune/Young Family    306                                                                  

                          The Barry and Whalen Families    307                                                                    

          21   The Early Growth of Stephenville Crossing (after 1820)  312  


                        The Benoit/Bennett, Pillet, Luca/Lucas, LeJeune/Young,

                          Alexandre/Alexander, Marche/March, Laisne/Lainey, and

                          Swyer/Swyers Families    314                                               

           22   Early Settler Families of Mattis Point    323 

                         The Alexandre/Alexander, Benoit/Bennett, and LeJeune/

                          Young Families    324                                                                

           23   Early Settler Families of the Stephenville Area 326


                        The Hunt, Gallant, LeBlanc/White, Aucoin/

                         O’Quinn, Gaudon, and Bourgeois Families    326  

                         The Early Growth of Stephenville    333 

                         The Beginnings of Kippens    340 

           24   The Boom Years of Sandy Point  342 

                   Bibliography  379 

Also see Volume 2

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