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Advocacy and Anthropology
Robert Paine (ed.)

Ancient People of Port Au Choix
James A. Tuck

Anthony P.C Cohen (ed.)

Blood and Nerves
Dona Lee Davis

"Bloody Decks and a Bumper Crop"
Cynthia Lamson

Bringing Home Animals
Adrian Tanner

Brothers and Rivals
Melvin M. Firestone

Bureaucracy and World View
Don Handelman and Elliott Leyton

Cain's Land Revisited
David Zimmerly

Cat Harbour
James C. Faris

The Challenge of Oil
J.D. House

Communities in Decline
Noel Iverson & D. Ralph Matthews

The Compact
Elliott Leyton (ed.)

Consequences of Offshore Oil and Gas
M.J. Scarlett (ed.)

Cows Don't Know It's Sunday
Hilda Chaulk Murray

Craftsman-Client Contracts
Louis J. Chiaramonte

Dangling Lines
Svein Jentoft

The Decay of Trade
David Alexander

Despite This Loss
by Ursula A. Kelly (Editor), Elizabeth Yeoman (Editor)

Diary of Bishop Edward Feild in 1844, The
by Ronald Rompkey (Editor)

Dire Straits
Anthony Davis

Enclosing the Commons
Richard Apostle, Bonnie McCay, and Knut H. Mikalsen

Family Group Decision Making
Gale Burford & Joan Pennell

Dr. Rosemary E. Ommer

Finding our Sea Legs
Barbara Neis and Lawrence Felt, Contributing Editors

Fish Versus Oil
Georg Henriksen

Fisherman, Logger, Merchant, Miner
Tom Philbrook

Fishing for Truth
Alan Christopher Finlayson

Folksongs and Folk Revival
by Anna Kearney Guigné

From Traps to Draggers
Perter Sinclair


Global Game, Local Arena Restructuring in Corner Brook, Newfoundland by Glen Norcliffe (Author)

History and Renewal of Labrador's Inuit-Métis
by John C. Kennedy (Editor)y

Holding the Line
John Kennedy

Hostage to Fortune
Chris Eipper

A House Divided?
M. Silverman and R.F. Salisbury (eds.)

I Never Knowed it Was Hard Memoirs of a Labrador Trapper
by Louie Montague (Author), Elizabeth Dawson (Editor)

Indigenous Peoples and the Nation-State
Noel Dyck (ed.)

Inuit Morality Play(Hardcover)
Jean L. Briggs

Inuit Morality Play(softcover)
Jean L. Briggs


Just Fish
Harold Coward, Rosemary Ommer, and Tony Pitcher


Kindness, Kinship, and Tradition in Newfoundland/Alberta Migration
by Craig T. Palmer (Author), Emily K. Groom (Author), Jordan H. Brandon (Author)

Labour and Working-Class History in Atlantic Cannda
David Frank and G. Kealey

Language and Poverty
Gilbert Foster

Listen While I Tell You
Alison Kahn

Literacy for Living
William T. Fagan

Living in a Material World
Gerald Pocius(ed.)

Living on the Edge
Lawrence F. Felt and Peter R. Sinclair, (eds.)

Looking Out for the Lads
Stephen A. Gaetz

Making a World of Difference
James Overton

Shmuel Ben-Dor

The Management of Myths
A.P. Cohen

Manpower and Educational Development in Newfoundland
S.S Mensinkai and M.Q. Dalvi

Marginal Adaptations and Modernization in Newfoundland
Cato Wadel

Midwives in Passage
Cecilia Benoit

Minorities and Mother Country Imagery
Gerald Gold (ed.)

Narratives at Work Women, Men, Unionization, and the Fashioning of Identities )
by Linda K. Cullum (Author

The Native Game
Evelyn Plaice

Newfoundland Fishermen in the Age of Industry
Ottar Brox

North Atlantic Fishermen
Edited by Raoul Andersen and Cato Wadel

The Northern Route
Lisa Gilad

Now, Whose Fault is That
Cato Wadel

The One Blood
Elliott Leyton

Patrons and Brokers in the East Arctic
Robert Paine (ed.)

A Place in the Sun
Jonathan Wills

Place Names of the Northern Peninsula
E.R. Seary

Politically Speaking
Robert Paine (ed.)

The Politics of Indianness
Adrian Tanner (ed.)

Port O'Call
Priscilla Doel

'Power Begins at the Cod End 1974-75'
David Macdonald

Predictions under Uncertainty
Manuel do Carmo Gomes

Private Cultures and Public Imagery
John F. Szwed

A Public Nuisance
Chris Brookes

Public Policy and Community Protest
Robert L. Dewitt

Pursuing Equality
Linda Kealey (ed.)

Quest for Equity

Trond Thuen

A Question of Survival
Peter R. Sinclair (ed.)

Remote Control Governance Lessons for and from Small, Insular, and Remote Regions

by Godfrey Baldacchino (Editor), Robert Greenwood (Editor), Lawrence Felt (Editor)

Remembering the Years of My Life by Paulos Maggo
Carol Brice-Bennett (ed.)

The Resilient Outport
Ecology, Economy, and Society in Rural Newfoundland

Rosemary E. Ommer (ed.)

Rough Food
John T. Omohundro

Sanctuary Denied

Gerhard Bassier

Saying Isn't Believing
Gary Butler

Sea Change
Reginald Byron

Strange Terrain
Barbara Rieti

Talking Violence
Nigel Rapport

Joseba Zulaika

The People of Sheshatshit In the Land of the Innu
by José Mailhot (Author)

A Time of Reckoning
Adrian Peace

"To Each His Own"
Ian D.H. McDonald Edited by James K. Hiller

To Work and to Weep
Jane Nadel-Klein and Dona Lee Davis (eds.)

To Employ and Uplift Them
The Newfoundland Naval Reserve, 1899-1926

by Mark C. Hunter (Author)


Viewpoints on Communities in Crisis
Michael L. Skoinik (ed.)

Violence and Public Anxiety
Elliott Leyton, Wm. O'Grady & James Overton

Voices from Off Shore
Marian Binkley


Way of Life that Does Not Exist - Canada and the Extinguishment of the Innu, A
Colin Samson

What Do They Call a Fisherman?
Men, Gender, and Restructuring in the Newfoundland Fishery

by Nicole Gerarda Power (Author)

What is the Indian 'Problem'
Noel Dyck

The White Arctic
Robert Paine (ed.)

You Never Know What They Might Do

Paul S. Dinham


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